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Rates offered by West River Cash




We charge a 30% finance fee per period. Depending on when your pay date is, the annual percentage rate may fluctuate, though, because it is calculated based on when you pay back your loan. See our chart below for specific APR for different payoff time periods.

The finance fees charged for your loan will be clearly disclosed to you in terms of the dollar amount of interest and the APR according to the principles of federal truth in lending law and regulations. For details on the specific rates/fees of your loan, please see your loan agreement. Examples of the total payments charged (finance fees) of your loan are provided in the table below. The table below represents the total number of payments (finance fees) you will have incurred under the scenarios presented. It is important to note the difference between the options and how the total payment increases with each period of loan repayment. To minimize the total cost of your loan, we strongly recommend that you either pay your loan in full, or pay as much as you can to reduce the principal balance.



The finance fee is $30 per hundred borrowed per pay period. Sample APR's are listed below.

An example of our loan charges is a $400 loan with payments about every 14 days (571 days overall for a total of 40 payments) with an overall finance charge of $2,910.00 equaling an APR of 616.72%. This underscores the importance of paying off your flex-pay loan balance as soon as you are back on your feet, and we are happy to settle your account sooner than the minimum payment schedules reflected here.

Note that your payment schedule may be different based on your loan amount, finance fee and payment pattern. Change the options below to see different flex-pay loan schedule example minimums

Loan Amount: *
Number of Payments: *
Days Until First Payment: *
Principal Pay Down Amount: *
Pincipal Payment Begins on Payment: *
Payment Number
Payment Towards Principal
Finance Charge
Total Payment
Principal Balance Remaining
Total Payment to Date
Days Since Previous Payment
Individual Payment APR at 30% Finance Rate
Multi-pay Loan Overview
Original Loan Amount Repaid (Principal)
Total Finance Charges Paid
Total Paid (Principal + Finance Charges)
Principal Balance Remaining
Total Loan Term
Overall Annual Percentage Rate


The totals above are calculated based on a $30 per $100 borrowed per 14 days made within 14 days of each other.

The totals above are calculated based on all subsequent payments (after the first one) being made within 14 days of each other.

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West River Cash does not lend in all states. We do not lend in West Virginia, New York, Montana, Maryland, or Arkansas. This is an expensive form of borrowing. West River Cash loans are designed to assist you in meeting your short-term borrowing needs and are not intended to be long term financial solutions. © Copyright West River Cash LLC, 2016